Morder a língua

Ontem já a rapaziada papa-batata-frita se queixava do extertor da política económica europeia, hoje reconhece a ironia da situação.

«Oh the irony! After hammering on spendthrift countries in southern Europe and demanding the EU get tough on economic policy, the Netherlands now finds itself failing to meet the very budget deficit targets it was insisting upon. (…) It’s an irony that’s not lost on the rest of Europe, which is taking “malicious pleasure” in the plight of the Dutch. (…) “no other country has been as forceful as the Netherlands in urging its neighbours to cut back. Well, now it’s our turn. Our hard line has come back at us like a boomerang.”(…) and coalition partners “sharpen their knives for a new round of cuts”. (…) up to 16 billion needs to be slashed, on top of the 18 billion in austerity measures already agreed. No wonder it reckons “there’s no escape” for the government in the face of “a hellish task”. With talks on a new round of “painful” cutbacks about to begin, (…) now is the time for the parties to “slaughter their sacred cows, one by one”.»

Sonsice não lhes falta. «Of all of the rich European countries, the Netherlands is the worst off. The recession here is as bad as it is in the garlic countries(sul da Europa) that we have relentlessly and disdainfully found wanting


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