A marijuana não faz mal aos pulmões. Off course!!

«Smoking a joint from time to time won’t damage the lungs, even after years of drug use, according to a study led by UCSF researchers that disproves one of the major concerns about marijuana – that smoking it must be just as risky as lighting up a cigarette (…) Only heavy marijuana users – those who smoked 20 or more joints a month – saw a negative impact on the pulmonary system, but that level of marijuana use is unusual, researchers said. In fact, they said, it may be that marijuana smoke doesn’t affect lung function the way tobacco does simply because people don’t smoke as many joints as they do cigarettes.»

Uma joint por dia útil com descanso ao fim-de-semana, deve fazer tanto mal como um cigarro por dia. Mas prontos, eu não cientista.

Cigarettes are worse to use, When you buy from a cannabis club, you know what you’re getting. I don’t know what they put in those cigarettes.” Eu também não sei que material andam a pôr nos dele, mas que deve ser uma cena marafada, lá isso deve.


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