Referendum? Again…

Os irlandeses estão a preparar-se para ir para referendo ao novo pacto. Mas ao que parece é mesmo só para enxonfrar a rapaziada, pois a maltinha está de acordo com as políticas europeias.

«Werden, um Deutschland Nizza oder wir Sparmaßnahmen, um Ihr Land zu bringen

«(…) Their choices must somehow reflect our feelings and values. But they also have to understand that the perception of risk is inherently emotional and instinctive, and that as a result We The People are sometimes more afraid than the evidence says we need to be, or not as afraid as the facts say we ought to be. That frequently produces public support for policies that protect us from what we’re afraid of more than from what threatens us the most. Sometimes it even produces support for policies that feel right, but actually make the risk worse, as might be the case with laws to allow only hands-free phones for drivers. Policy makers have to recognize this risk, and do more than just blindly turn our gut fears into law(…)»


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