…peguei fogo à padaria, depois…

«“I began to collect radioactive elements like radium and uranium and americium.” Richard was Googling “americium” one day when he found a story, in Harper’s magazine, chronicling the life of a Michigan boy named David Hahn who grew up in the 1990s. There was something about Hahn with which Richard identified. Both boys spent their childhoods blowing things up in the garden. Hahn once turned up at a Boy Scouts meeting in Golf Manor, Michigan, with a bright orange face due to an accidental overdose of canthaxanthin. Hahn got expelled from camp for dismantling a smoke detector (he was trying to extract the americium – pretty much everything you need to split the atom you can find on eBay or in smoke detectors and antique luminous dial clocks). Those were the days before the internet, so getting hold of information about how to build a nuclear reactor was more complicated for Hahn than it would turn out to be for Richard. He learned how to do it by writing to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and pretending to be a physics teacher. Did they have any pamphlets on how to split the atom?

Nothing produces neutrons as well as beryllium, Professor Hahn,” they wrote back. And that’s how David Hahn managed to turn his potting shed into a nuclear reactor.»

Por inocência ou malvadez há sempre alguem pronto a rebentar com esta porra toda. :)


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