«German President Christian Wulff, accused of using his public office for personal gain, is facing a new controversy. In 2010, when he was still a state governor, he received a discount on a Skoda SUV he leased. Critics say the head of state’s behavior is undermining efforts to fight corruption.»

«In Sweden, the Freedom of the Press Act of 1766 granted public access to government documents. The Principle of Public Access means that the general public are to be guaranteed an unimpeded view of activities pursued by the government and local authorities; all documents handled by the authorities are public unless legislation explicitly and specifically states otherwise, and even then each request for potentially sensitive information must be handled individually, and a refusal is subject to appeal.»

“O direito de acesso aos arquivos e registos administrativos é um direito fundamental”, cujo sacrifício só se poderá justificar face a direitos e valores constitucionais idênticos ou superiores, reconhece o acórdão que tem data de 24 de Janeiro. São só duzentos e tal anos de atraso.


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