Há um buraco no dique…

Das contas públicas holandesas, «The Dutch budget deficit will be higher at the end of 2011 than forecast in September,(…) the deficit will have reached 4.5% of gross domestic product, 0.3 percentage point higher than the earlier forecast. The rise is largely due to a €1.5bn shortfall in tax revenues and local authority overspending on social security and care services. (…) Compared with 2010, when the budget deficit reached 5.1%, there has been an improvement this year, the minister said. ‘The cabinet is working hard to get the government’s finances in order and reduce the budget deficit still further, to meet European agreements.’ There is mounting evidence that the government may be forced to make more spending cuts on top of the €18bn already agreed.»

Uma das medidas já aprovadas será a privatização, em 2013, dos transportes públicos de Amsterdão, Roterdão e Haia. E como a malta proletária não gosta da ideia, vão haver duas greves em Dezembro, com o pormenor da greve de dia 5 ser greve à cobrança de bilhetes.

O melhor mesmo é pedalar.


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