Opera buffa

Li que um apresentador de telejornais  português se propôs a abalar o edifício católico, só ainda não se propôs a reconstrui-lo em três dias. Ao que parece o rapazola andou a ler Bart D. Ehrmen, de que me recordo ler um comentário à uns meses atrás.

«In the final chapter of Forged, Ehrmen deals with a number of popular 19th and 20th century fabrications. Among these is The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ (1894) in which the author, Russian war correspondent Nicholas Notovitch, claimed to have found proof in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery that when Jesus was 13 he joined a caravan to India, studied under Brahmins for six years, learning their holy books, the Vedas, but found himself appalled by the caste system. In order to save himself from being murdered by the Brahmins, Jesus fled to a community of Buddhists and learned Theravada Buddhism. At age 29 he returned to Palestine, armed with the sacred knowledge of the mysterious east. The book and the claims of Notovitch that he found records of the life of the young Jesus in Tibet were a complete hoax. Although it was exposed as such, it nevertheless generated a whole mythos of Jesus visiting India and Tibet and getting his theology from Buddhist monks. Other modern fabrications include The Long-Lost Second Book of Acts, in which Mary the mother of Jesus, teaches the disciples a secret doctrine of reincarnation, The Confession of Pontius Pilate, in which Mary Magdalene presents Roman emperor Tiberius with an Easter egg dyed red, and The Gospel of the Twelve, in which Jesus espouses strict vegetarianism.»

Se tivesse lido Josephus, teria “descoberto” que este escreveu sobre o irmão de Jesus, Jacob filho de Alphaeus, também conhecido por Jacob filho de Zebedeu. Oh minha nossa senhora, que grande rebaldaria para ali ia! :)


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