Acreditar em nós

«Despite the country’s critical financial situation, which led to a recovery plan earlier in the year—and notwithstanding the negative economic forecasts for the next two years as the consolidation plans start to reduce public spending—Portugal improves its competitiveness performance slightly and moves up one position to 45th place. This positive development is largely led by an increase in ICT use throughout the economy (18th) and an improvement in the quality of its overall infrastructure (12th), especially of roads (5th). Despite this slight progress, the country still holds one of the poorest competitive positions among advanced economies and suffers from serious weaknesses. In addition to the well-documented macroeconomic difficulties of a national savings rate below 10 percent (128th), a high deficit (122nd), and high public debt (128th) that hinder the availability of financial resources for local companies, the economy suffers from rigidities in its labor market (136th) and a disconnect between salaries and productivity (112th) that have hampered Portugal’s capacity to remain internationally competitive. Moreover, the traditional lag in company R&D (41st) and other innovation-oriented investments have prevented it from moving toward higher-value-added activities, so it suffers the consequences of fierce competition from cheaper production sites, such as Eastern Europe and China. Addressing these weaknesses by adopting the necessary reforms and preserving growth-enhancing investments will be crucial to boost the competitive edge of the economy and set the national economy on a path of growth after a decade of stagnation»

Sobre aqui o burgo dizem «…businesses are highly sophisticated (5th) and innovative (12th), and the country is rapidly and aggressively harnessing new technologies for productivity improvements (5th), the ‘excellent’ educational system and efficient markets are also ‘highly supportive of business activity’. In terms of infrastructure, the Netherlands is among the best in the world, with its facilities for maritime transport ranked second, railways 6th and air transport 5th.»

Chegar aqui é possível, não sem dor, não sem perserverança.


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