“Yes, but if you’re not afraid you can’t be brave, either.”

«No road leads back to the time when you were 17 and, standing in the harbor at Cannes with 10 francs in your pocket, watched a woman and her poodle and her credit cards being rowed from a yacht to the shore by two men in idiotic white uniforms, and you realized that the egalitarian society you had come from was the exception and not the rule.»

«(…)n June the Norwegian prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, the author of these words and a mutual friend cycled together through Oslo’s streets and went for a hike in a hilly forest — all within the limits of this big but small city. Two bodyguards, also on bikes, followed a few meters behind us. When we stopped at a light, a car pulled up next to the prime minister. The driver rolled down his window and called out his name: “Jens!” The fact that the Norwegian people generally refer to and even address their highest-ranking political leader by his first name is a tradition in the spirit of egalitarianism that I haven’t found surprising in a long time.»

«(…) we cannot allow fear to set the boundaries of how our society continues to develop.»


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