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“The air was so damp that fish could have come in through the doors and swum out the windows, floating through the atmosphere in the rooms.” Garcia Marquez was one of the prime exponents of magical realism, a genre he described as embodying “myth, magic and other extraordinary phenomenon.“

“In his novels and short stories we are led into this peculiar place where the miraculous and the real converge. The extravagant flight of his own fantasy combines with traditional folk tales and facts, literary allusions and tangible – at times obtrusively graphic – descriptions approaching the matter-of-factness of reportaje,“ the Nobel Academy awarded Garcia Marquez the Nobel Prize in 1982.

Rest in peace Gabo!

If a single sentence could express the seeming indifference of the silent…


There is someone worse than the preacher who falls into hypocrisy, namely, the moral slacker who is not even to the point where hypocrisy is possible.

Benoni Lanctot’s 1867 Chinese and English Phrase Book

 Phrases for English speakers  Phrases for Chinese speakers
Can you get me a good boy?
He wants $8.00 per month.
He ought to be satisfied with $6.00.
When I find him useful, I will give him more.
I think he is very stupid.
Do you know how to count?
If you want to go out, you must ask me.
Come at seven every morning.
Go home at eight every night.
This lamp is not clean.
See that the money is weighed.
If there is any thing short, I will make him pay the difference.
Take this plate away.
Change this napkin.
Did you prepare any toast?
The tea is too strong.
Make me a pigeon pie.
Get a bottle of beer.
Please carve that capon.
Tell the cook to roast it better next time.
This wine glass is not clean.
The cook is very strange.
Sometimes he spoils the dishes.
Tell the cook to fry some pancakes.
Don’t burn them.
He did very bad last time.
I want to cut his wages.
This tea is very bad.
Get out of the way.
Don’t speak with me.
Who gives you permission?
Don’t be lazy.
You ought not to do so.
Pick this up.
This is nothing to you.
He is fit for nothing.
That belongs to me.
Carry it up stairs.
You ought to be contented.
Good morning sir.
When shall I begin?
I beg your pardon.
Lunch is on the table, sir.
I beg you to consider again.
It is my duty.
Sir, what will you have for dinner to-day?
You must excuse me.
You must not strike me.

Mommy… Mister Kant is really mean

This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today. Parents might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written before allowing them to read this classic work.

The non-philosophical is the outside of philosophy, a point of view from which it is possible to see the philosophical itself and criticize it but also from which it is possible to reassign the task of thinking through a democratic disciplinary process. Philosophical thinking moves in this direction: thinking (philosophy) → the Real. Non-philosophy introduces another direction — not an inverted Kantianism, but non-Kantianism: through the “force-(of)-thought” we move from the Real → thinking (non-philosophy). Each non-philosophy defines then a philosophical margin that it tolerates, circumscribes, reappropriates, or which it uses in order to expropriate itself. The non-philosophical is no longer to be understood as a marginal “object” under the gaze of the philosophical but the reverse. The philosophical is now only one “material” among others (the arts, ethics, science) — a material that non-philosophy can deploy and utilize. This task, therefore, concerns a new practice of philosophy, more universal than philosophy because it liberates itself from some of its postulates — in particular that of its correspondence to the Real. Overthrowing the authoritarianism of philosophical sufficiency — in showing the philosophical’s inadequacy and insufficiency with respect to the speculative realism.

Hunting with a well-groomed unicorn and monkey squire in the “Hours of Engelbert of Nassau“.

The unemployed themselves are not represented among experts and decision-makers who have paid jobs

“(…)exit of the crisis must hinge upon a deliberate backing of a new, balanced, environmentally sustainable growth model, guaranteed by financial stability and built upon the European welfare state. Achieving this growth model requires the culmination of the Single European Market in sectors such as energy, telecommunications, services and the creation of a truly European labour market. Greater integration of EU markets and greater backing of strategies to innovate and foster good public education will help improve productivity and growth. An active industrial policy must also play a leading role in changing the productive model. It is important to also stress that sustainable and balanced growth cannot be achieved unless social inequalities are drastically reduced.”

These resolutions describe detailed goals of social reconstruction clearly dependent on public initiative and implementation. But they give no indication of the number of jobs created and how much financial sources are needed.

We need to stop trying to be right all the time and try to just be cool. Accept that this is not a logical argument winnable by facts.

Jellyfish Nation


(…)A jellyfish contains between 95 and 98% water. Portugal could be a jellyfish: it is 97% water(…) Portugal’s claim to its continental shelf is not just economic, but also psychological: as an antidote to the country’s diminished stature on the world stage. The Portuguese were pioneers of the Age of Discovery, and a world power to rival the Spanish for a good while after. Their empire stretched from Brazil to East Timor, and included colonies in Africa, India and China. That may all be in the past, but it seems Portugal is still suffering from post-imperial withdrawal syndrome.

Portuguese Sea, by Fernando Pessoa
Oh salty sea, so much of your salt
Is tears of Portugal!
Because we crossed you, so many mothers wept,
So many sons prayed in vain!
So many brides remained unmarried
That you might be ours, oh sea!

Was it worthwhile? All is worthwhile
When the spirit is not small.
He who wants to go beyond the Cape
Has to go beyond pain.
God to the sea peril and abyss has given
But it was in it that He mirrored heaven.

There’s a saying that goes by “God is everywhere, but the Portuguese were there first“, and yes, he have a jellyfish named after us. :)

Os 50 são os novos 20

deneuve-LO New York Times,  para festejar os 70 anos Catherine Deneuve, publicou uma foto desta somente em lingerie preta e saltos vertiginosos.

Dentro de dez anos, 50% da população francesa terá mais 50 anos. As marcas ligadas aos cosméticos,  turismo e moda já começaram a mudar o discurso e o comportamento.

As maduras não suportam que o marketing que lhes é destinado exiba  rostos lisos como se idade fosse uma doença. O termo anti-âge desaparece devagar das etiquetas dos cremes substituido por rénovateur e haute exigence.


If you break the law, you better be real famous

0402-bansky-after-vandalism-1David William Noll has been charged with FELONY vandalism. According to the criminal complaint — obtained by TMZ — Noll defaced 2 of Banksy’s most famous works — Girl on Swing and Peeing Dog. The L.A. County D.A. filed FOUR separate vandalism charges, because Noll allegedly defaced both works and 5 days later went back and used paint remover on the walls. Max penalty — 5 years in prison(…)

The D.A. says the only way they will prosecute for vandalism is if the property owner complains — and Banksy got lucky … no one complained about his art … but they definitely weren’t into Noll’s handiwork. According to the LAPD police report … the company that owns the Girl On Swing building — a jeweler called Tarina Tarantino — believes Banksy’s work increased the value of the property by $650,000.”

Robert Rauschenberg erased a Willem de Kooning and created a landmark of postmodernism.